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Trick: How to get the best gear in Skyrim

You might ask yourself: "Which might be the best equipment items in Skyrim?", but there is also a trick in improving it using several abilities.
There is some slightly better equipment available, but we will want to enchant them to their maximum.
Normally your weapons only got around 60 damage max and your armor rating would be around 600 with heavy armor like this. As you can see from the screenshots the amount of damage dealt and armor ratings are extremely high after improving your equipment this way.
You could even land a one hit kill on a giant on Master difficulty!

Now what do i need?

What you need are high skill levels in:
- Enchanting
- Alchemy
- Smithing

Also you should have have an armor set ready that you want to improve. The best gear possible should be the self created Daedric set, but you can use this trick multiple times.

So how to do this?

Improving your armor this way is hard work.
Remember that you can only enchant specific gear types (like rings) with a specific enchantment type

1. Buy an enchant skill potion
2. Use the enchanting potion to create alchemy gear (you have to be very fast or buy more potions)
3. Use the alchemy gear to make better enchanting potions
4. Use the enchanting potions to create better alchemy gear
5. Use the new alchemy gear to create better enchanting potions and blacksmithing potions
6. Improve and enchant your real gear!